If you’re a die-hard Cardinals fan, like I am, you’ve probably watched every painful game this season. Well, almost every. I say almost because Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday games were blacked out because of a squabble that Uverse is having with Fox Sports Midwest.

Last year, local station KSDK aired some of the games. At the end of the season last year, the Cardinals announced all games would be broadcast on FSMW this season. Fast forward 6 months or so and we Fox Sports Midwest wants additional carrier fees because they have 20 additional games. Most major companies are willing to comply because Cardinals have some of the most watched games in baseball. Charter, all satellite providers, and many smaller cable companies paid the fee. AT&T’s Uverse did not.

So, Uverse customers will now miss 20 games (17 to go) of Cardinals baseball because UVerse and FSMW could not reach a deal. So, what can you do? You can call both companies to complain, but I highly doubt Fox Sports will listen. Uverse customers are just a small percentage of overall viewership. No, if you really want your voice heard, contact AT&T and complain or even cancel. If you really want to hurt AT&T’s business, cancelling is the best thing you can do. Some people might not want to flat-out cancel though. If that is the case, call and complain and demand a discount. I’ve seen them give $15 off a month for 6 months to some customers. When I called and complained they offered $25 off a month for 6 months. I would start there. Demand the discount. Hurt their bottom line. That is the only way they will listen.

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